Durable, Persistant, Easy to </br>use Efficient Light Convergence Eco-Friendly, Non-toxic safety assurance

Lasting, Enduring

In contrast, traditional fishing lamps when turned off, must wait an additional 15-20 minutes before they can be turned back on. They aren’t able to simultaneously switch on/off unlike the Fudintek P1X. P1X can be easily switched on/off at a moment’s notice, as well as be adjusted to the needed angle for optimal performance.

Efficient Lighting

Specially designed lamp lens optical system with the lens angle of 60 degrees and a uniformly light glow without glare. Luminous flux output is stable, efficient and durable. Single LED luminous efficiency of up to 140 lumens per watt.

Sustainable, Safe

Traditional fishing lamps have high power consumption and they are hung on fishing boats and as a result, they can be easily damaged due to sea water, and thus improve the chances of a fire starting. Other threats include ultra violet rays onto the skin and eyes of fisherman which can leave permanent damage. P1X has low power consumption which can save on fuel costs for boats. It is also low in temperature, non UV light, and durable.

Sustainable, High performance, Efficient, Durable, Safe

The new trend of fishing boat lighting applications: Fudintek P1X High powered LED fishing lamp

It is the time of high-efficiency and low- energy era. In the current global trend, it is how to use the least amount of energy to maximize potential towards improving the eco-system, as well as reduce energy consumption for a sustainable future. With this in mind, Fudintek developed the P1X high powered LED fishing lamp. P1X was designed with the phrase [ high power, low energy] as well as keeping it durable, safe, and sustainable. Besides its low power consumption, P1X can also help save more than 20% of fuel costs for the fishing boat, also have no UV rays, unlike traditional fishing lamps, and other multiple advantages that can greatly enhance the efficiency and environmental quality for fishermen’s.