New Trend of fishing boat lighting application: P1X high powered LED fishing lamp

Intelligent, sustainable, eco-friendly, safe

High power / low energy consumption


Sustainable Innovations

P1X high powered LED fishing lamp can help save more than 20% of fuel costs when compared to traditional fishing lamps.


Simple Effective Design

Fudintek P1X was designed to cover what traditional fishing lamp lacks, which are lightweight, easy to use, instant switch, light convergence, and safety and environmental friendly.


Comparison Chart of P1X and Traditional fishing Lamp

P1X Tranditional Light Source

1. LED Light Source

■Light source is from top US brand CREE.

■Luminous flux output is stable, efficient, and durable.

Single LED luminous efficiency of up to 140 lumens per watt. (5000K cool white).

■Supply of different color lighting solutions: 5000K cool white, Red light (main wavelength of 620nm), Blue light (main wavelength 465mn), Green light (main wavelength 520nm).

■Selection of CRI>80 of Led solutions, which can restore the true color of the illuminated object.



■High heat along with UV rays that can cause long term damage to the skin and eyes.

■Actual lighting that hits the designated spot on sea is only 30% of its actual potential. Rest are dissipated elsewhere causing a waste in energy and fuel.


2. LED Power Supply

■Power supply is from top Taiwan brand MEANWELL.

■HLG series has the current highest waterproof standard (IP65).

■Input voltage range 90-305 VAC, suitable power supply for harsh and tough conditions.

■Power efficiency rating of up to 93%, maximizes power saving potential.

■- Electrical surge protection of up to 4000V.

■Unable to turn on/off at a moment’s notice. Takes time in between each switch causing delay.

■Materials included are Tungsten, and high pressured mercury.

■Requires high power consumption thus more burning of fuel.

3. Lighting fixture

■Lighting fixture is made of aluminum that’s specially anodized for use in a high salinity environment.

■Adjustable frame design with locking mechanism that is sturdy enough to withstand extreme rocking conditions.

■Lighting fixture meets the waterproof standard safety criterion of IP67.

Lighting power of 100W with a total luminous flux of 12000 LM, and luminous efficiency of up to 120 LM/W.

■Lighting units can achieve structural connections, its power will become the multiple of the number of connections to provide a higher power of choice.

■Made of glass thus can cause a number of safety hazards for fishermen on boat. (i.e. breaking of glass. Etc.)

4. Optical Design

■Specially designed lamp lens optical system with the lens angle of 60° and a uniformly light glow without glare.

■PC lens material is imported from Japan.

■Material has high efficient light transmittance, anti-UV, anti-corrosive, resistance to high temperatures and high humidity, and also anti-yellowing.

■Light dispersion, along with light failure problems.


Fudintek P1X efficient smart design features:

1.Easy to Use

■Quick Assembly

■Plug and switch on

■On/off at moment’s notice

2.Efficient Light Convergence

■Direct all light to the designated angle and area at reduced energy consumption.

■Unlike traditional fishing lamp, where only 30% of the light would reach potential target area on sea, and the rest of the light would be wasted elsewhere, thus wasting energy and fuel.

3.Eco-Friendly and non-toxic safety assurance

■P1X has no UV light rays which will bring no damage to fishermen unlike traditional fishing lamps which can cause permanent damage to the skin and eyes due to UV rays emitted from the traditional fishing lamps.

■Low temperature unlike traditional fishing lamps thus can cause them to be easily damaged.

4.Durable, Sustainable

■Lighting fixture is specially anodized for use in a high salinity environment.

■Passed 400 hours of salt spray test.

■Adjustable frame with locking mechanism to withstand extreme rocking conditions.



Specially patented and certified, P1X passed 400 hours of salt spray test (corrosion). Tested by the MIRDC of Taiwan (Metal Industries Research and Development Center).

Sample number Testing Time Test Results
No.1 400 hours Surface without obvious corrosion*
No.2 400 hours Surface without obvious corrosion*
No.3 400 hours Surface without obvious corrosion*
No.4 400 hours Surface without obvious corrosion*

Summary: Intelligent, Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Efficient, easy to use, light weight, Durable, low power consumption.